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AdreseJana Švermy 152, Vejprty
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Inexpensive accomodation in friendly atmosphere at the center of Ore Mountains, which is prepared for travelers, athletes or active families. Backpacker is simple spacy accomodation in peaceful and pleasant area of mountain twin towns Vejprty - Bärenstein. All rooms have bathrooms and toilets. As part of accommodation, there are available common room with kitchen, projection, xbox, tv, gameroom with wifi connection. Backpacker is located within 10 minutes from bus and train station.

Outdoor athletes would certainly welcome possibility of free unlimited tours through forrest routes in nearby mountain environment. In nearby vicinity may be found daily opened restaurants, food store a bit further or travel free shop, gas station, atm and pharmacy. In nearby countryside is wide variety of ski areas, which also provide summer activities like climbing centres, trampolines, educational pathway and much more. Among those areas are Klínovec (12 km), Fichtelberg (12 km), Neklid u Božího daru (15 km) and freshly opened ski area Plešivec (20km). There are also maintained cross-country tracks nearby (Boží Dar, Johstad).
We would love to know our guests personally. We are able to prepare personalized program, which we will go through together with our guest. If you will choose our backpacker, we guarantee you to be surrounded by beautiful nature amidst the mountains, nearby historical cities and spa towns or in the range of areas, where you can whole year perform many various sports (including the arenaine ones) or relaxation activities.

We also organize weekend sport or art programs. However they do not occur that often in thet winter than in the summer due to the time and workload reasons.
Interior of our hostel is designed by its owners, based on their life experience and discoveries. Therefore it provides friendly and cozy atmospheres. All sport equipment, which is now used as lamps or decorations was formerly used by owners. There is also lot of interesting and unique paintings made by Štěpánka. On them you can find people, who had deep impact on her life, places she loved to visit or everything else, that are somehow symbolic to her.

We would love to have memory of all our visitors. Thus we have several ways of achieving that. For example hanging handwrittedn messages on parachute, coloring lizard for common collage or sticking photo, business card or other personal mementos to guest bord =)

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